service-cen-imageHelping The Life Blood Of Our Roads

Service Stations have their own, unique, insurance needs. They are a critical resource for motorists, and a literal lifeblood of Australia’s logistics and transportation industries, but they are also high-risk businesses that need to protect themselves against everything from theft to a fire, which, for obvious reasons, could cause catastrophic damages.

There are many small and independent service stations among the major franchises in Australia, but their needs are similar (even if the budgets they have for insurance might differ).

At Professional Insurance Brokers, we are specialists in the service station industry, having supported many clients with their insurance needs over the years. One of our more popular packages is outlined below:

In addition to the standard covers offered by other insurers ie. Fire, Burglary, Money, Business Interruption, Glass, Liability Engineering etc. we include the following additional benefits:
* competitive premiums and excesses
* accidental damage to $50,000
* 100% increase on money cover for weekends and long-weekends
* reduced rate for cigarettes kept in locked safe
* personal accident now included at no additional cost for the principal working director

However, as with all of our clients, we understand that each individual service station might have its own unique needs, and we invite service station owners to contact us for further information and to discuss further.