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community-sec-insuranceUnderstanding The Insurance Needs Of Those That Do Good

A division of PIB, Unicorn Risk Services, is a specialist in providing tailored insurance products to the massive range of not-for-profit and community groups in our societies. No two groups of this kind are the same, and so each will have its own insurance needs and challenges. Furthermore, not-for-profits and community groups run on tight budgets by their very nature, and so they need highly tailored and efficient insurance solutions.

Unicorn Risk Services provides those tailored insurance products to the not-for-profit sector and community groups, and offers:

  • A specialist focus on the insurance needs of not-for-profit community groups and associations
  • Insurance products and services that are specifically tailored for community groups
  • A service team which is experienced in both community group insurance and working with the requirements of both local and state government authorities
  • A proven track record with community groups

Because the community sector has very different insurance needs to the corporate sector, it’s important to discuss your insurance needs with an expert. Unless you’re insured through a not-for-profit insurance specialist, your organisation may not be properly covered for all eventualities.

Clubs and community groups need insurance to protect against risks associated with their annual ongoing activities for which they have been established and/or one off single events that may be undertaken from time to time. Unicorn Risk Services (a division of PIB) is able to meet the insurance needs for these situations, and we welcome the opportunity to talk to you further about your insurance needs.