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What you put into your business is so much more than a simple concern for your cashflow and assets. The success of your operation is a combination of your hard work and sacrifice, the efforts of your valuable staff and the relationship you have with your customers and clients. So, when the unthinkable happens – such as a fire, injury, or liability case against you – the consequences can be disastrous and threaten the future of the business, or indeed you personally as its manager.

A good Business Insurance policy provides security for those unexpected occurrences and ensures that your business can survive the unexpected, which is why it should form a core part of your risk management strategy and expenditure.

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Business Insurance Coverage

The term “Business Insurance” itself refers to protection against operational losses by a business. What type of loss is covered by a business insurance policy depends on the insurance company, the policy wording, and local limitations. There are several types of business insurance, each limiting coverage stipulations and restrictions, and you should consider carefully how each would be of benefit to your own business, or why your business might need to invest in them.

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The Most Common Types of Business Insurance are:

Key Person Insurance

A business Key Person is considered so important to the company that loss the person could cause considerable damage to the company’s financial future. Benefits are paid if the Key Person covered experiences a disability that prevents working or if the Key Person dies. The remaining partners or owners can use the benefits only for legitimate business expenses, such as buying the disabled person’s stake in the business or hiring and training expenses for a replacement. Key Person Insurance is sometimes also called a Buy/Sell Agreement.

General Liability Insurance

This coverage protects the business against liability claims, negligence, manufacturing or personnel error, bodily injury, or even property damage. Liability insurance often covers the policy holders’ legal fees if the liability or event is covered under the policy.

Product Liability

Coverage protects against faulty products and damage, injury, or death from use of the faulty product.

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At Professional Insurance Brokers, we have a long history in understanding how each kind of business insurance above (as well as any more unusual ones) might be applicable across a wide range of industry sectors. We encourage you to contact us for further information on how to properly assess your businesses’ need for each of these policies.


Professional Insurance Brokers is part of Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network, the Steadfast Group. We leverage Steadfast’s scale to ensure our clients have access to a wide range of insurance companies, a broad range of products, exclusive policy options, and of course, competitive pricing. And when the time comes and you need to make a claim, you will have the backing of Steadfast behind you.

Professional Insurance Brokers is a leading specialist in custom, tailored insurance policies for individuals and business. Through our subsidiaries, including Unicorn Risk Services, we also have extensive experience in brokering insurance policies for the massive range of community and not-for-profit organisations that operate throughout Australia.

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